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  • DC-802BT
    • Name:DC-802BT
    • Model:DC-802BT
    • Series:Portable Printer
    • Feature: Multi-functional Display Screen function


Product Name: Thermal Portable Bluetooth Receipt Printer
It applies mobile products to supporting the use, and suited to outdoor work environments
Can be compatibled with Android and IOS operate systems.
The feature has Multi-functional Display Screen function:
Multi-functional Display Screen can be shown :
1, Printer version (OEM Printer name)
2, Paper out / Over-temperature / Paper feed etc.
3, Off-Line Low-Voltage Power
4, LED Battery Indicator 
5.Icon of Bluetooth connection will be shown
6.The setting of print density and printer font

Weight: about 520g (including accessories:  lithium-ion batteries, cable, test paper)
Size: 105*108*45mm


 Printing Method
Thermal line printing
Print speed 90mm/sec
Reliability TPH Life 100km
Resolution 203DPI (8dot/mm)
Printing Width 72mm (576dot)
Paper Width 79±01mm
Roll Diameter φ≤40mm
Paper Type Thermal Paper
Power supply (optional) rechargeable lithium batteries
Battery Lithium: 7.4VDC/2000mA
Charging mode DC 9V/1.5-2A
Support the battery display function
Print parameters support to download the Logo trademark
Character size 384 dots/line
Printing Chinese character  Chinese: simplified Chinese 24x24 point. 
support 18030 font library,support Taiwan and HK traditional(complex font)
ANK ANK characters
Extendedcharactertable OEM437/Katakana/OEM850/OEM860/OEM863
/OEM865/West Europe/Greek/Hebrew/EastEurope
Emulation ESC/POS/STAR command
Interface standard RS232/USB, Bluetooth 2.0/SPP agreement or infrared/IRCOMM agreement (optional)
Working Temperature -10~50℃
Humidity 10~90%

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